About project

Project title: Play to know more about financial literacy!

Short description:
The education level in the Visegrad Countries is quite good, according to the other European Union countries and to the rest of the World. Hovewer the economic literacy in the age of 8-10 is still very low. Education systems in our countries doesn’t contain economic education in the primary or secondary schools. In the high schools the students can count on entrepreneurship classes or water management and economy.

Proposed solution to the presented problem is raising awareness about the economy rules and entrepreneurship. Basics of those topics aren’t very complex and every kid who is 8-10 years old is able to learn about that. Hovewer other obstacle is to gather the attention of this target group. This is the reason that we chose games to educate kids. Everyone likes to play and have fun. But through board games our target group members will be able to learn something new and important.

Our countries are quite similar in case of economic education of youngsters. It means that the problem isn’t just local but global issue which exists in whole Visegrad region. Additionally – board games can be great and universal tools which can be used internationally. Even in the serious topics, tools can be prepared to be usable in international environment or different languages. The project idea is to involve much more local partners to work for this global issue. This way we will implement local actions to fight this global problems, because all consortium partners believe in local social work. Global approach (without local actions) would lack of good implementation and dissemination and those two phases are most important for us

Project objectives:

  • To establish long term cooperation in the european and local levels between official partners of the project and also local partners involved.
  • To create, test 4 board games and to implement and produce 2 games during the project which will be aiming the topics of economy, entrepreneurship and market for the specified target groups.
  • To raise competences in the experiencial learning as a methodology of non formal education and develop new future initiatives among partners

Play to know more about financial literacy!- report