Profile of participants


The Slovak team

The Slovak team consists of two teachers and two volunteers, who every day have contact with the target group for the board game. Volunteers are working in economics and IT field. As a school they cooperate with organization Amavet which work with young people and applies informal education. Participants were selected on the  basis of volunteering and interest in the topic. Slovak team they are aware of the interests of children of this age, and have the appropriate knowledge to balance the game in terms of difficulty.

Mgr. Monika Timková – I´m a teacher of Slovak language and literature. I´m the coordinator of Visehrad project. It´s a new challenge for me to work on a game with financial background for kids.

Silvia Filipová – I work as a special assistant at school in Budimír. I help pupils from 6 to 15, who has some learning disabilities. I love my work and I enjoy playing any type of games.

Ing. Helena Imrichová – I studied economics and now I work at IT-Company in Košice. I like to be involved in creative projects and playing board games.

Ing. Marianna Kyselová – I´m working in IT  field in Košice. I love playing board games especially strategies. For me it´s great experience to be behind the creation a new game for children.


The Czech representation

The Czech representation, thanks to the association and participation in volunteering in various parts of Europe, is a perfect partner for marketing. Thanks to its contacts with various environments and age groups, it is able to match the appropriate game mechanics and surprise us with fresh ideas inspired by global trends.

Jakub Štvrtňa- elementary school teacher,
8 years of experience in education. He organizes camps for pupils. He invents educational board games.
Hobbies: sport activities, playing board games.

Soňa Gajdaczová- a career counselor,
10 years of experience counsultancy – working with people – every person needs to be approached in another way, expert for the choice of a profession for primary schools, leader of children’s camps. Hobbies: meeting a new people, playing board games, volleyball.

Petr Zakrzewski – youth worker
– expertise in project management, especially in the field of youth
– coordinator of the Youth parliament in Karviná
– building the local partnership of educational organizations, entrepreneurs and employers, non-governmental organizations and the municipality to promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

Petr Kantor –  project manager, senior consultant
University teacher (16 years). Youth project manager (15 years). Senior consultant in European project management and regional development (15 years). Consultant for the Erasmus+ youth program (11 years). He has been professionally engaged in lecturing, coaching and counselling for the commercial sector, public administration and non-profit organizations since 2003. Since 1996, he has been working in the field of Youth. He stood at the birth of several non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic and Poland. He is a member of the Association of Non-formal Education.


Polish team

Representation from Poland is an association that has experience in this type of projects. However, new participants – Izabela and Adrianna give a fresh look at the project and the difference in age compared to the other participants can give a better picture of the modern needs of the board games market.

Michal Pietrzok

Izabela Czajka

Adrianna Kapustka

Alina Prochasek

The Hungarian group

The Hungarian group consists of three young students of economic direction (management, economics and accounting) who together with the supervisor form a well-coordinated team. Their knowledge of economics helps in the formulation of concepts