Second meeting

Contribution made to the project by partner organizations.

The partner organizations brought educating and enjoyable board games just as we expected. The games are good and very interesting, but not yet finished. After reviewing what the teams did in the the time between the first meeting and second one, we agree that the first meeting was necessary to achieve the goal of creating an educational board game. Give us theory to create something amazing

Czech team presented the OCCUPATION game, Slovak- FINOLUTION, Hungarian- CONQUER VISEGRAD, Polish was presented two different games

Actions have been taken to assess to what extent the second meeting contributed to achieving the assumed goals and results

The plans were flexible but not too much, the timetable was well built. We have been working in smaller groups mostly, but sometimes we brainstormed all together. Firstly we tried to played each game- made a notes for feedback and discuss later on about staff  for improvement. For us was important to got the information about small but also very important details like question, card or techniques. Together we debated about the flow of each game.

The impact of the project on participants, participating organizations, target groups and other stakeholders

The meeting was beneficial in light of the reflection of other people who have never seen or played the game. We realized a lot of detail that would not be the case, for example, playing cards, game plan and its composition, details of questions. We have made a shift in these areas, we have retained the gaming principle as such.

The meeting helped us in:

  • Simplifying questions on individual occupations cards (card enhancements)
  • reducing the number of cards and thus making the game plan clearer
  • verification of game – getting improvments comments
  • Work area tokens were newly added instead of handing over specific occupations card charts

And certainly also for inspiration

Our team developed a lot through the 2 meetings. Our understanding of board game dynamics and the flow of the game, creating rules greatly increased. Testing several games from the other countries opened our eyes to new possibilities. We showed interest and commitment through the meeting and with everybody’s help we were able to create the perfect educational game.

Guidelines and tasks of the organization related to preparing for the next meeting

We believe it is a good idea to create and educational board game for the youth in the V4 group. The participants are emotionally and physically committed to the goal.

We think that this event have increased the cooperation between the V4’s counties. We should test the board games of the other organization and provide feedbacks about the positive and negative features. Polyglot descriptions were prepared for some of the board game as well, by the creators, so these games would be appropriate for different nationality. As far as the organizations are concerned, we have already been changed availibility, so that we can reach each other and invite all members for the next occasion in the future.

Comment after second meeting

This project give all of us an opportunity to take part of process to create our own board games, which will be dedicated to young people. We are really excited of this idea. Many of all are also experienced of designed and produced games, so we can share best practice between our partners. Experience and cooperation can give us also good quality of result. We hope that each partner will be motivate to hard working and together we achieve our goals