Fundacja Europejski Instytut Outsourcingu

Fundacja Europejski Instytut Outsourcingu

International Outsourcing Institute is a foundation which was founded in 2011 year. Its main area of interest is Republic of Poland but foundation is working also in international level. Organisation was founded to develop ideas and scenarios of sustainable development of society and economy.

Foundation is realizing this objetcive through wide range of aims, including:

  • Research and R & D for the development of the natural, legal, social, economic and technical sciences;
  • Activities supporting the development and cooperation of multicultural communities
  • Conduct education at all levels.
  • Promotion of the sustainable business ideas through lobbying local authorities and organisation of workshops related with the topic.

On the beginning of the activity, Foundation was focused on providing help for the poor part of local society. Arranged several sustainable actions, for example few years ago Foundation started charity action which is finalised twice each year (during Christmas and Easter).

Organisation conducted also educational project about first aid in the local community.

Foundation is cooperating also with City of Chorzow about youth and senior policies. Members of the NGO are involved in whole process of development of those policies and also they are working on implementation on all levels.

Foundation is also partner in national project which promotes equal chances in society. Its aim is to activate social integration through engagement in active work for the society. Activities in this project contains motivation and integration workshops, trainings and workshops about professional burnout syndrome, coaching and individual psychological advices.

Through those experiences Foundation aquired lot of experience in the nonformal education field, especially on the international level.


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