Slovak game- Finatopia

Slovak game- Finatopia

The objective of the game is to get first through every positions to get to the Summer camp. The game is aimed to the age of 10 plus and it develops financial skills. The minimum number of players is 2 in two teams (together 4 players).

The game is determined for 2-5 teams with 3-4 players.

At the beginning the teams throw the dice. The team with the highest number start the game. The others follow on clockwise. All teams get the same amount of money 500 euros to start. They keep on throwing the dice and pulling the cards to move on spaces.

The teams move a dice throwing number and they may move forwards and backwards. The requirement for the entrance of the marked position is the amount of money. 600 € for THE SCHOOL, 700€ for THE BANK, 900€ for THE HOSPITAL and 1200€ for THE SUMMER CAMP.

The teams are not allowed to enter the marked positions without a right amount of money. If they do not have enough money to move there, they throw a dice and move forwards and backwards to get missing amount of money. If they succeed in getting needed money they carry on to the marked position (without mentioning the higher number on a dice) They do not lose the entering money, it is just minimal amount of money for the next marked position.


At the marked position the players pull a quiz question from the pack. If they answer correctly, they get a reward 100€. If they do not know the right answer, they have to pull a question again in the next round.


At the BANK area – Invest

  • the teams may invest a reward up to 0-100 euros, they invest it – they get a counter/token of the Invest. If the players stop on the PROFIT, they get double money. A counter/token is given back to the game.


At the HOSPITAL area

  • at the HOSPITAL area they can use a reward for INSURANCE. They are allowed to choose any sum up to 0-100€ and invest it or insure with a counter/token of the INSURANCE. If they stop at the PROFIT space they get double money. A counter is given back to the game.


At the SUMMER CAMP area

  • the quiz question is answered also at the SUMMER CAMP. The players win if an answer is right. The game carries on till the other teams get to the Summer Camp.


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