Would you like to try another way of living? Maybe, as a kid you wanted to be policeman? Or you would like to taste the dark path of being a gangster?

You can try it now!

In this game it doesn’t really matter which vocation you will choose and how you will play. Most important is just to be happy, because the Satisfaction is the way to win. So the winner of the game will be the player with biggest amount of Satisfaction Points.
But to win the game, you should pass 5 years of being youth (optional), and 8 years of being adult. Then hopefully you will reach happy retirement days!

Youth period is mostly connected with education and friendship. It is also opportunity to meet your future wife! Remember, that it is much easier to get some knowledge and skills while you are youth. Use your time wisely!
Adult period will allow you to advance in the chosen vocation, to start a family, buy a house, maybe a car or amazing TV?
As it was mentioned above – the game is designed in two parts: Youth and Adult. It is your choice if you wanna play both, or just Adult.

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