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Edugaming – new opening!

  What is Edugaming? For us – the direction which we chose in our road for the social development. It’s usage of games in education. Hovewer – education here is very broad field. Could be connected with the classroom, but as Non-Governmental Organisation we promote mostly Non-Formal Education, which doesn’t really need a classroom. Therefore…
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Would you like to try another way of living? Maybe, as a kid you wanted to be policeman? Or you would like to taste the dark path of being a gangster? You can try it now! In this game it doesn’t really matter which vocation you will choose and how you will play. Most important…
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Polish game- ZAGRODNIK

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Slovak game- Finatopia

The objective of the game is to get first through every positions to get to the Summer camp. The game is aimed to the age of 10 plus and it develops financial skills. The minimum number of players is 2 in two teams (together 4 players). The game is determined for 2-5 teams with 3-4…
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Who is playing?

Who plays? 69% of heads of households 97% of youth 70% over 18 47% are women 25% is over 50 61% of CEOs and CFOs take game breaks at work   average: 35 years old playing over 12 years 20 hours a week (peak: 45)

Good pratice from our Czech partner :)

How much time you need to make a game? Read the article


Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. It can also be defined as a set of activities and processes to solve problems by using or applying the characteristics of game elements. Gamification commonly employs game design elements to improve user engagement, organizational productivity,  flow, learning, crowdsourcing, employee recruitment and…
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Wraz z naszymi partnerami przymierzamy się do pierwszego spotkania! BLABLABLA